Joining a national and school organizations

Joining an organization is beneficial for a student because it offers a lot of benefits when it comes to activities that will enhance their abilities to become better in their field of interest and organizations helps interact with other people. At first I am afraid to join an organization because they have lots of requirements and qualifications that should be meet that’s why it take me a year before I join an organization. My first organization is Marche Societe a local org in our school. This org aims to produce the marketing department magazine. Where in I also tried to become a writer. I took the test to become an official writer and fortunately I was one of the passed applicant to be a Business writer. The second organization that I’ve join was the Junior Achievement Marketing Society, a national marketing organization. How do I join with this org? I was luckily qualified to run the position of the National League of Executive of JAMS. I run the position of business manager and when I was interviewed by the officers and the adviser I am introduced to Avenir a mini company program established by JAMS to support the organizations funding. I became the VP of Marketing of now Seven Secrets & Co. formerly Avenir. Right now, we are working so busy in preparing to launch Seven Secrets & Co.’s products. And the only challenge for me now was that sometimes I have difficulties in managing my time between my organization and my academe. But as you can see the opportunities that an organization can give for an individual to create new ways of developing yourself other than what we have learned from the four corners of classroom is that the we can apply all the theories that we have learned.


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