Meaningful Singapore!

How would you react if you are going to have a tour outside the country? 

Everyone was so excited when our professor in Global Marketing announced that we we’re going to Singapore! This trip is to expose the students in international way of living. To observe their culture, values and attitudes.

The payment will be shouldered by the students who will be joining the tour. Though it was a bit pricey some of them don’t mind because they want to experience something international. The target date of our tour was September of the first week. We have a week to spend in Singapore and there’s a lot of student who joined.

The day has come to fly in Singapore! Our flight was scheduled early in the morning. After I’ve arrived at the NAIA airport, everyone was at their very good mood. I can see their positive attitude as we will fly outside the country for the first time. We are took good care of the crew of our national flag bearer which is the Philippine Airlines. Two hours have passed and we’re in Singapore already. We arrived at their Changi International Airport Terminal 3. We are accommodated by our Tour guide in Singapore. Luckily we got the best, funny and kind tour guide than the other student. All of us was in the bus already and we were now ready to rock Singapore!

On our entire week we visited the landmarks of Singapore, its beautiful places, gardens, restaurants, universities, agencies, and souvenir stores. The following are some places that we have been. The Merlion Park, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore Flyer, Marina Gardens by the Bay, Singapore Institute of Mngt, Marketing Institute of Singapore, Orchard Road, PR Agency, Clarke Quay, Bugis and Universal Studious Singapore!

We have so much fun and enjoy a lot of experiences from it’s food, people, transportation and hotel we observe the way they live. Singapore has a high of standard of living compared to us. They have many laws that prohibits every individual which makes people so discipline. They have less pollution compared to our country. And what I am very amazed is that Singapore has many trees even if they in the urban. They give so much importance to their environment.

This experience was very meaningful for me because we got the chance to see a country that has many possibilities. It serves as an inspirations for me to work hard in order to make our country a progressive one that we should aspire to become one of them as the richest and productive country.


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