What am I going to be in the future?

When i was a kid I used to say that my dream is to become a doctor. I don’t know why but I think it’s because I perceived doctors are very caring. They took good care of sick individuals and making necessary check ups to make them heal and feel better. I admired them because of what they do and their positions in our society. But see what I’m now. I am a business student taking up Marketing and Advertising Management. At first, I am really confuse of what course that I will take for college because the course that you will be taking will somehow dictate your life in the future. I took it without knowing its meaning. Its description of being in the business and how it works. My dream to become a doctor was really far away with what I’m taking right now. Though on the positive side I accept it as my destiny. I was destined to take this course in order to develop my skills and abilities as an individual. When time passes by, day by day I used to learn and love my course because here we are taught to become creative, innovative, unique, confident and have a sense of humor while working. Marketing helps me to unleash my strengths in writing, public speaking, drawing and become a leader. I learned that before you judge something you have to understand first the environment and observe if you will enjoy with the environment that you have decided.


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