My Internship Experience

The first day of our OJT at Festival Supermall was exciting and at the same time nervous because we will be entering in the real world bringing the knowledge and skills that we have to the company. Festival Supermall was the premier mall in the south providing the best retail stores with fun and excitement every time they will visit the mall leaving them the happiness and satisfaction for every consumer. Before we start our day as an intern, we were oriented first by the HR Assistant on the general guidelines of the company regarding on internship and job description. After that, we were introduced to the department where we will be assigned which is from the Marketing Department. We were fortunate to be assigned in this department because first it is in line with our course and it will not be difficult for me since it was in our field and I want to develop my skills and abilities through the experience that we will be handling. We were oriented about the process and the organizational structure of the department as well, headed by the VP for Marketing, Events, Exhibits and Convention by Ms. Rose Nuqui, Senior Marketing Manager Mr. Ricky Suarez, the Marketing Project Manager Ms. Gina Abenoja, the Marketing Officers, Mr Richard Macatangay, Ms. Mica and Mr. Jairus Beroya, the Marketing Assistants, Mr. Moses Lu, Ms. Therese Pahanel and Ms. Camille Crespo. The Creative team was headed by Mr. Don Navarro.  As an intern I expect lots of work and I’m not disspointed because the task that given to us were accomplished successfully. The following were the tasks that I’ve perform during the entire period of my internship at Festival Supermall. Assist in monitoring of all documentations and reports of the department, assist in events and other activities of the department, answering of phone calls and inquiries, encoding, filing and sorting of documents and other clerical works that may be assigned from time to time.

            Our daily task is to sort and file print ads from newspapers of the direct competitors of Festival Supermall concentrated mainly in Southern Luzon such as Paranaque, Las Pinas and Cavite and along Metro Manila. The major newspapers we get print ads were from Manila Bulletin, Philippine Daily Inquirer and The Philippine Star. Basically it’s about research on how their competitors manage their marketing strategy so that Festival Supermall would know what they will need to do in order to compete. The sorting of print ads is important so that the company will be updated about the competitors’ events and happenings. We are also tasks to take photos of the newly opened store. This is to promote their retail store through social media. As part of social media, digital marketing and this is very important nowadays to reach more potential customers to help and create awareness among customers. We also learned how to scan, answer phone calls and photocopy. I also learned how to encode incoming and outgoing file. This is to ensure that every documents going to the company will be recorded and see to it that transactions will be received.  Another thing that I’ve learned is how to create collateral contracts and booked the contracts. Collateral contract is about the agreement between the tenants and the marketing department. On what type of ads that they want or will put in their retail store, like leaflets, streamers, vertical banners, posters and etc. The process will be followed until it has been approved. I’ve learned and did new task which was encoding job request and encoding the office supplies form. It was exciting because I will learn new things and I am happy because my superior gives me this task.

One of our busiest days is when we’ve packed loot bags for Easter event. It contains lots of goodies coming from different sponsors from candies, chocolates, juices and many more. It was fun doing this because we will be part of the event and we will experience the kind of activity that the company provides for their customers. The Easter event of the mall is the “Eggmazing Easter Hunt”. I am in charge of the photo documentation. What I like about the event is that kids together with their parents were actively participating. At the start of the event there were just few people participating but when time passed many people were curious and start asking how to join and participate in the event. In order to join with the event, participants should have receipt within the participating stores. For single receipt, it should be worth P1,000 and for accumulated receipt it should be P2,000. For participants who completed the challenges they will win a prize of a live bunny, for those who do not completed the challenge they will only get loot bags or a stuff toy. As I was observing, the stations was located far from each other so it was difficult for some mommies and kids to walk or go for another stations, which lead for some fake signature that should be signed by the authorized signature at stations. I also attended the Easter Event at Westgate in the afternoon, unlike at Festival Supermall there were few people. I assisted in registration and claiming of prizes

Another event that I’ve attended was the following ULIRANG INA event and CosmicCon and the event at Westgate the “Pop Sessions with Jaya” this is to celebrate mother’s day. We assisted in giving flowers at the Westgate for all moms and they were surprised and appreciated for what we did some were getting flowers for their moms or for their girlfriend. We felt really happy because we’ve seen that they were happy also and the event was successful. I also attended the mall event with Jed Madela and I am in charge of photo documentation at the event. I am happy because I got the chance to see him closer. With this entire event I am in charge for all the photo documentation and it was fun because I’ve got to look the event in all areas.

One of the tiring tasks that I’ve done was recording and counting the hang signages at the mall. At first it was so difficult because I will count all the hang signases from first level up to the fourth level and I am so tired at that day but on my second day it was not that difficult since I’m now familiar with the mall and the task. I’ve finished the task easily but I felt tired also because I walked in the entire level of the mall to check all functioning/not functioning hang signs.

This whole period of internship was memorable for me from the people inside the office and all of other people that I used to work with. This whole experience was indeed successful because I’ve got the chance to work with other people in the real world, to handle business situations and exposed in the world of business. I’ve learned that you have to continuously improve yourself in all aspect of work to be able help the company and yourself. What I love from this experience is that people here especially in the marketing department was very accommodating and comfortable to work with. They always give us new learning’s and they work harmoniously. We don’t get bored because marketing officers were fun to work with. They don’t want us to feel that we’re not belong but they just cheer us in all we do and I am thankful for that which makes our internship more memorable. I want to thank Festival Supermall for giving us the opportunity to work with their company for putting their trust to work with them. I will continuously improve myself to be able compete in this industry and achieve my goal towards my development.


Joining a national and school organizations

Joining an organization is beneficial for a student because it offers a lot of benefits when it comes to activities that will enhance their abilities to become better in their field of interest and organizations helps interact with other people. At first I am afraid to join an organization because they have lots of requirements and qualifications that should be meet that’s why it take me a year before I join an organization. My first organization is Marche Societe a local org in our school. This org aims to produce the marketing department magazine. Where in I also tried to become a writer. I took the test to become an official writer and fortunately I was one of the passed applicant to be a Business writer. The second organization that I’ve join was the Junior Achievement Marketing Society, a national marketing organization. How do I join with this org? I was luckily qualified to run the position of the National League of Executive of JAMS. I run the position of business manager and when I was interviewed by the officers and the adviser I am introduced to Avenir a mini company program established by JAMS to support the organizations funding. I became the VP of Marketing of now Seven Secrets & Co. formerly Avenir. Right now, we are working so busy in preparing to launch Seven Secrets & Co.’s products. And the only challenge for me now was that sometimes I have difficulties in managing my time between my organization and my academe. But as you can see the opportunities that an organization can give for an individual to create new ways of developing yourself other than what we have learned from the four corners of classroom is that the we can apply all the theories that we have learned.

Meaningful Singapore!

How would you react if you are going to have a tour outside the country? 

Everyone was so excited when our professor in Global Marketing announced that we we’re going to Singapore! This trip is to expose the students in international way of living. To observe their culture, values and attitudes.

The payment will be shouldered by the students who will be joining the tour. Though it was a bit pricey some of them don’t mind because they want to experience something international. The target date of our tour was September of the first week. We have a week to spend in Singapore and there’s a lot of student who joined.

The day has come to fly in Singapore! Our flight was scheduled early in the morning. After I’ve arrived at the NAIA airport, everyone was at their very good mood. I can see their positive attitude as we will fly outside the country for the first time. We are took good care of the crew of our national flag bearer which is the Philippine Airlines. Two hours have passed and we’re in Singapore already. We arrived at their Changi International Airport Terminal 3. We are accommodated by our Tour guide in Singapore. Luckily we got the best, funny and kind tour guide than the other student. All of us was in the bus already and we were now ready to rock Singapore!

On our entire week we visited the landmarks of Singapore, its beautiful places, gardens, restaurants, universities, agencies, and souvenir stores. The following are some places that we have been. The Merlion Park, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore Flyer, Marina Gardens by the Bay, Singapore Institute of Mngt, Marketing Institute of Singapore, Orchard Road, PR Agency, Clarke Quay, Bugis and Universal Studious Singapore!

We have so much fun and enjoy a lot of experiences from it’s food, people, transportation and hotel we observe the way they live. Singapore has a high of standard of living compared to us. They have many laws that prohibits every individual which makes people so discipline. They have less pollution compared to our country. And what I am very amazed is that Singapore has many trees even if they in the urban. They give so much importance to their environment.

This experience was very meaningful for me because we got the chance to see a country that has many possibilities. It serves as an inspirations for me to work hard in order to make our country a progressive one that we should aspire to become one of them as the richest and productive country.

What am I going to be in the future?

When i was a kid I used to say that my dream is to become a doctor. I don’t know why but I think it’s because I perceived doctors are very caring. They took good care of sick individuals and making necessary check ups to make them heal and feel better. I admired them because of what they do and their positions in our society. But see what I’m now. I am a business student taking up Marketing and Advertising Management. At first, I am really confuse of what course that I will take for college because the course that you will be taking will somehow dictate your life in the future. I took it without knowing its meaning. Its description of being in the business and how it works. My dream to become a doctor was really far away with what I’m taking right now. Though on the positive side I accept it as my destiny. I was destined to take this course in order to develop my skills and abilities as an individual. When time passes by, day by day I used to learn and love my course because here we are taught to become creative, innovative, unique, confident and have a sense of humor while working. Marketing helps me to unleash my strengths in writing, public speaking, drawing and become a leader. I learned that before you judge something you have to understand first the environment and observe if you will enjoy with the environment that you have decided.